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  • January 1st. New Year's Eve
  • April 12th to 13th Easter week
  • May 1st Labor Day
  • June 29th Saint Peter and Saint Fred's Day
  • July 28 Peruvian Independence Day
  • August 30th Santa Rosa de Lima's Festivity
  • October 8th Naval anniversary "Combate de Angamos" (Battle of Angamos)
  • November 1st All Saints Day
  • December 8th Immaculate Heart of Mary Festivity
  • December 25th Christmas.


"Fiesta de Ollantaytambo" (Ollantaytambo’s Festivity)
January 6
Ollantaytambo, Feast that celebrates the "Reyes Magos" (Magic Kings), religious processions, great folkloric dances.

"Fiesta de San Sebastián" (San Sebastian´s Feast)
January 20
San Sebastian, religious feast of the town's patron, great folkloric dances and invitation of food and fruit.

"Carnavales" (February Carnival)
Great colorful feast, people playing with water and folkloric dances in many towns around the sacred valley.

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"Cruz Velacuy"
May 2
Religious-pagan festivity, takes place in the country during the night, where the crosses in the hills are venerated, during all night until the next morning these crosses are taken to the churches.

"Corpus of Qoyllorite"
First week of full moon in June
Religious-pagan festivity, in which the peasants attend with their families and an image of the lord of Qoyllorite, joining in a pilgrimage to the snowy mountain "Qoyllorite". The men climb to its peak and should return with big pieces of ice blocks over their back in order to receive blessings. Folkloric dances, processions. During the celebration of this feast it is prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages and also to have sexual contact, which is a common characteristic in the festivities of the Andes.

"Corpus Christi"
June 11
All towns of Cusco participate. It is the most important religious festivity, in which saints and virgins images are taken from all the churches to visit the image of Christ in the Cathedral. The processions, the street decorations, the fervor of the citizens are an indescribable show.

June 24
The most important folkloric expression of Cusco.

"Feria Santuranticuy" (Santuranticuy Fair)
December 24
Cusco, Fair originated in the Colony, it congregates hundreds of craftsmen in the Main Square, exposition and commercialization of crafts.

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Referece Words: Festivities Cusco, 4x4 Tours Peru, Peru Adventures Tours, Festivities Cusco, Festivities Cusco