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Passports: You will need a passport valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay. Keep a photocopy of the identity page of your passport in a separate location.

Documents: It's a good idea to make two sets of photocopies of all your documents, including your passport. Leave one set at home and pack the other set with your luggage away from the originals. Travel insurance is a must: please be sure to take care of it before you leave home. Your travel agent can help!

Money: The US dollar is well accepted all over South America. The denominations of $10s, $20s, and some of $50 are the most convenient in order to make your purchases easier. Ask your bank for new unmarked bills as they are less hustled to exchange out of problems. All the major towns we visit have ATM machines that accept Cirrus (MasterCard) or Plus (VISA) cards, but not always both. It is recommended to have both types of cards. Traveler’s checks are exchangeable too and fine restaurants will accept them as payment, be sure to check what the percentage of commission is to decide whether you pay with traveler checks or with cash.

Taxes: All purchases are subject to the payment of the "Impuesto General a las Ventas" (I. G. V.) (General Sales Tax) and its rate is 19% over the price.Every time you carry out a purchase you must demand the payment voucher that is called "Boleta de Venta" ( Sale Ticket). Another type of voucher of payment is denominated "Factura" (Invoice), which is only extended to certain type of Peruvians like Company representatives. Restaurants and Hotels have in addition a Service Use charge of 10% over the price.

International Driving License: it is valid for 30 days. If you extend your trip in Peru, you should request the authorization for the extension at the Automobile Touring Club of Peru. In office hours from 09:00 to 16:45, the office is located at César Vallejo Street No. 699, Lince, in Lima. Telephones +(51 1) 440-3270 and 422-5975. If you travel in your own vehicle, you should bring the "Libreta de Paso de Aduana" (Customs Notebook),issued by the "Touring Automóvil Club" of the origin country. The "Touring Automóvil Club" of Peru can provide you the best guides in the Peruvian Highways.


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Cusco - Peru

Sua Companhia Segura na Aventura e no Lazen

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